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Sabre Sports Coaches deliver fun and friendly fencing sessions run to the highest standards by our professional fencing coaches.


We have decades of experience teaching and coaching fencing from the youngest age ranges up to International athletes.

All of our sessions are run to a well structured term plan which takes into account the stage that each child is at in their fencing journey, so that no fencer is left behind and they all have something to aim for.

Each session is packed with fun games which teach a variety of skills, followed by fencing instruction and some free practice.

Each child has the opportunity to gain achievement awards, fence in school matches and take part in regular competitions.

Our professional team of coaches are very experienced and have competed and coached to the highest levels. All coaches have recognised coaching qualifications, hold enhanced DBS checks, are first aid trained and have attended safeguarding courses.

Our way of teaching and coaching produces well disciplined, focused and independent young fencers through structured lessons, consistency with ideas and ideals, along with realistic expectations and goal setting.

meet the staff


My name is James and I am the Head Coach at Sabre Sports Coaches. I have been fencing for over 30 years and have been coaching for the last two decades. During this period, I have competed for Great Britain and have coached students to the Cadet and Junior GBR team.

I have developed a system for coaching from the very beginning using foam and plastic equipment, all the way to the top using metal swords. I believe that although not everyone will become a world class fencer, everyone deserves the chance to try and have a lot of fun along the way.

I believe in using games to develop the fundamental skills of coordination, balance, and timing in the early stages followed by precision technical bladework and footwork. Later on the balance of specific sport conditioning, strict technical doctrine and acute tactical analysis lead to performance fencers who love to train and succeed.


James Roberts


Antonio started his fencing career in 1995 in Italy. Under the tutelage of Nerses Yeghiazaryan, Armenian international champion, he won several local and regional medals.

He started coaching in 2012, and from 2015 he became a full time coach working alongside Maestro Alberto Bernacchi at Scherma Desio. He also has a Master Degree in Social Work.

Antonio was elected Vice-Chairman of Southern Region Fencing Association in July 2023.


Antonio Frulio

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First Swords 


  • Breakfast, lunchtime & after school sessions

  • Suitable for Years 1 & 2

  • Maximum 20 pupils per session

  • Minimum 10 pupils per session

  • Foam fencing equipment provided

  • Achievement levels


Junior Swords Sessions

  • Breakfast, lunchtime & after school sessions

  • Suitable for Year 3+

  • Maximum 20 pupils per session

  • Minimum 10 pupils per session

  • Plastic Fencing equipment provided

  • Achievement Levels

  • School Matches (May incur additional cost)

  • Regular Competitions

  • Access to local Fencing Clubs


Senior Swords Sessions

  • After school sessions

  • Minimum 1.5 hour (90 min) session

  • Suitable for Year 4+

  • Maximum 15 pupils per session

  • Minimum 10 pupils per session

  • Metal Fencing equipment provided

  • BFA Achievement Awards

  • School matches (may incur additional cost)

  • Regular competitions

  • Access to local Fencing clubs










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