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Fencing Mask
  • Is Fencing safe?
    Yes, very. Because of the potential for injury we, and the fencing world in general, take safety very seriously. The students are given a basic but strict set of safety rules to be followed at all times. Our equipment is routinely checked and kept in a good state of repair and our mental equipment is all up to current standard. You are more likely to get injured doing everyday sports than in fencing.
  • What should the students wear?
    Long trousers, indoor trainers and a suitable shirt/t-shirt. For plastic fencing we suggest a long-sleeved top. Students should also bring some water with them.
  • What weapons do you teach?
    We teach Foil, Sabre and Epee. Although most of our school sessions are run with the development of Foil in mind.
  • What equipment is used to train?
    For teaching the FUNdamentals and conditioning we use various tools such a cones, dots, hurdles, agility ladders and so on. For foam and plastic fencing we use plastic masks and either foam or plastic swords. For metal fencing we use Size 0 and 3 Foils, and at a minimum Level 1 (350N) clothing and masks.
  • Are there any additional costs?
    Potentially yes. Assessment evenings have a small fee to cover the cost of an assessing coach and the paperwork. Competitions have entry fees. At some point you will need to become a British Fencing Member if you wish to compete properly or join a club. You may wish to purchase your own equipment. We will let you know well ahead of time if any additional payment is needed. In most cases it is not a huge amount.
  • How do we pay?
    Parents will need to head over to our payments page, select their school and session, fill out a small form and make payment before the start of the sessions. Students will not be able to take part if payment hasn’t been received.
  • What if a student can’t attend a session?
    Please let us know if your child cannot attend a session. Unfortunately the fee is a term fee so no refund will be given if you miss a session as our coach is there and needs to be paid.
  • What if the coach can’t attend a session?
    We will do our best to send an alternative coach, however if this isn’t possible we will refund the cost of the missed session.
  • Can I get a free taster?
    Each school will be offered the chance to run a taster session where students are invited to attend for free. We will cap numbers for these sessions so we stay in line with our guidelines. If in the future we decide it maybe beneficial to run another taster we will consider it.


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